Dear Sirs,

Sunshine Shoeshine We are happy to support this wonderful charity and have done so for just over two years.

We have had the pleasure of having three shoeshiners, each with their own unique story. The shoeshiners are very polite, hardworking and deserve the chance to find an opening, when sometimes doors may be shut due to their backgrounds.

We round up our dirty scruffy shoes every week and they come back looking brand new.

Drew, the charity’s founder, is very supportive of his “sunshine shoeshiners” in assisting them in getting into the workplace environment.

Yours faithfully
BCL Burton Copeland

BCL Burton Copeland

“Everything about Sunshine is beautiful, the people, the mission”

Linda, CFO, CYK

“Sunshine provided every imaginable reference and document to help us obtain security access for Robert our Sunshiner”

A Harris, Corporate and Social Responsibility, Deutsche Bank

“Businesses like to deal with other businesses, the fact we have an organisation accountable a phone call away, gives me great reassurance”

Margaret, Weil Gotshal

Such a positive influence on the office as a whole, my boss was over the moon

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