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Below are our vetted Sunshiners who come from positions of extreme hardship or disadvantage.

Name: Sara Jahjaga
Age: 28
Born: Pristina, Kosovo


My parents fled persecution during the Kosovan war in the early nineties and came to the UK with nothing. Sadly my beautiful grandparents we’re too old to travel and still live there today.

To begin with it was very difficult as I did not speak much English and found it hard to find a job, but through Sunshine Shoeshine I have learnt and even though my grammar is still not reliable, I promise that one day I will write my first novel!

Thank you

Sara x

Name: Patrick
Born: England

Hello everybody!

I was born with Dandy-Walker syndrome, which is a brain malformation, this meant that I was a sickly baby in hospital for my first year of life, the good news is I have since grown strong and healthy and suffer no ill effects.

When I left school I worked on front of house at a theatre, I really loved being with people and was sad that I could not get a better position. So when I came to Sunshine it was energising to find such great people.  The change in my life has been fun and dramatic.

At Sunshine everyday is different for me, one day I’ll be writing the blog and speaking with clients, the next I’ll be going to exhibitions in Liverpool or taking trips to our wholesaler.

I hope I get to meet you very soon.


Name: Michael Vince Mora
Age: 19
Born: Manila, Philippines

Well, working for Sunshine Shoeshine is not an easy job like I anticipated. The truth is, my first thought was “hmmmm this gonna be boring!” I will work alone not because I want to, but because I have to, no colleague to talk or laugh with.

All these thoughts were replaced when I started working, it is actually FUN! I get the chance to meet people I have never met in my life. I learned something from them and so (I hope) have they from me. I make jokes (usually bad!) and talk like we’re working as professional colleagues.

I now love every moment of my job.

Many Thanks

Michael Vince Mora

Name: Christeto Almendras (Jun)
Age: 32
Born: Manila, Philippines

Of my 3 years living in London, I have touched on all walks of life and experienced things I could have only dreamed of before in my life. I have worked in a variety of different fields, including a healthcare assistant, catering and sushi chef, to name but a few.

Today, I am working as a Shoeshiner or a Sunshiner at many famous landmarks in the City. I am so enjoying the job. I have learned how to be confident and how to communicate with professional people. I actually had to have more training for shoeshine, than I did being a working for the health service! In my simple, honest way of shoeshining, I like to think I give big happiness to my customers! :))

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My parents fled persecution during the Kosovan war in the early nineties and…



“We even time our client facing meetings with their visit”


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