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Conventional wisdom dictates that it is essential to have an imaginative, coherent and practical marketing strategy. The good news is Sunshine Shoeshine can help you fulfil this in a practical and imaginative way.

A beautiful shoeshine is not only memorable for the recipient and mezmorising for onlookers, but it also fulfils an often overlooked chore. We don’t use enormous chairs or use masses of space, it is this efficient set up that allows the service to thrive in the tightest of exhibition spaces. Giving you all the fantastic benefits with none of the drawbacks.

Sunshine Shoeshine has a reputation for providing what you need to make your exhibition a triumph. With many regular, satisfied clients, let us help you devise and realise your very own successful event!

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My parents fled persecution during the Kosovan war in the early nineties and…



“Such a positive influence on the office as a whole, my boss was over the moon”

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Latest News

Latest News

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