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What’s happened to Kiwi?

Posted on: March 14th, 2016 by Drew No Comments


Generations of shoe lovers will be well acquainted with Kiwi, the product which was first launched in 1906 quickly established itself as the go-to brand that gave better results.   Kiwi polish has with stood the test of time as a world wide entity, dominating till recently.

Due to a complex and recent chain of events, the tables have been turned in regard to Kiwi’s dominance within the shoe polish market.

Kiwi has been bought by a confusing array of different corporations over the years (Sarah Lee etc….), recently Kiwi was bought out by The Althlete Foot Corporation, which has subsequently been bought by the giant Aussie RCG Holding Corporation. They were not interested in Kiwi, (they are interested in the Dylon home dying kits) and have left the product on the way-side.

As a result of all this boardroom shenanigans, Kiwi has fallen behind on production, so much so that for 2 months a national shortage is anticipated to the extent there will be no black shoe polish available in the UK shops whatsoever.

The general concessus is this will have a terrible knock-on effect to Kiwi sales, giving Cherry Blossom and Lincoln in the U.S the opportunity to take advantage to overturn their once seemingly unassailable position. Kiwi could easily lose out in this market for good.

This could easily spell the end of the long held global dominance of Kiwi polish.

How Long Should a Shoeshine Take?

Posted on: March 4th, 2016 by Drew No Comments

It is a question I am often asked. Well, how long is a piece of string? In truth the time can vary from 5 minutes to 5 days dependent upon your individual requirements i.e if you we’re in the forces 5 days is probably more akin to your needs as they are taught to shine their shoes to a mirror finish as a form of discipline in itself

A good shoeshine will increase the longevity of your shoes and they will look great too. In respect to this it need not take any longer than 10
minutes (not including the time it takes you to set your equipment up) I must point out that there are certain variables like how dirty they are and how big.

The next question I will address in a future blog is how often should I shine them? Stay tuned.

Why firms Hire Sunshine Shoeshine for Exhibitions

Posted on: February 25th, 2016 by Drew No Comments

Exhibitions! Why do corporations do exhibitions? They take part in them with many other firms, all exhibiting to raise their profileand what they do. The whole event takes place to mingle and create new, or even re-new ties with other firms.

Networking is the main point in exhibiting. Gaining new clients is a must, sometimes an exhibition is important to meet a previous client and re-new business in person. When it comes to networking in business it’s often better off talking to people in person, rather than just a number of phone calls and emails.

Through our Sunshine service we work in partnership with corporations which are looking for something a little extra that isn’t on any-one else’s stand. The point of this is if there’s something special which draws people onto a stand, then this is a benefit for our client hiring us. As we’ll provide our service, they’ll talk and promote to a potential client.

The concept of hiring Sunshine at exhibitions is well suited to banking, insurance, and energy firms, but we have been known to work
in partnership with many sectors.

The Heart of the City

Posted on: February 22nd, 2016 by Drew No Comments


Heart of the City


The Heart of the City, what is it? It’s an organization which exists to work with likeminded firms large and medium sized, with the raison d’être of enhancing their CSR. They work in partnership, giving advice, and direction on every aspect of Corporate and Social Responsibility.

City firms run charitable projects, the idea of these projects is the notion that business can do much more than make profit , but also in giving something back to the communities, and often the environment too. An admirable cause!

The main principal of CSR is;

1) A firm can do something for the community/environment

2) Through these endeavours the respect and image of the business are upheld.

3) This gives a significant boost to the public perception of the company.

Corporations can stamp out the one sided idea that all they care about is there own financial gain. They can better themselves and their image in what they stand for in and outside of the office.

Best Women Shoes for the Office

Posted on: February 19th, 2016 by Drew No Comments

If you’re a women working in a white collar environment you want to appear smart, professional, and serious but still lady like (elegant).

The Options

There are a number of different types of women’s shoes, here are a few to mention. Sling-backs, Kitten Heels, Pumps and Women’s flat shoes.

My Opinion

When it comes to women’s shoes there has to be a balance between looking smart and professional, but still appearing elegant without appearing too casual (Unsuitable for the office).

Sling-backs are lovely they’re elegant and smart and can still be formal enough for the office. Kitten Heels are similar to Sling-backs but the heels are shorter. They’re still a little slinky and popular in offices too.

Pumps shoes are versatile and fit in with formal & informal dress code

Flat women’s shoes can be quite formal (suitable) but are very simplistic & plain (un-amaginitive)

In Conclusion

Personally I prefer Kitten Heels, they are formal enough for the office and elegant too. They’re suitable for near enough all occasions.
Plus the heels aren’t too long and thin, so there’s less risk of falling over.

Sling-backs & Kitten Heels are my personal favourite types of Women’s shoes.

Best Mens Shoes for the Office

Posted on: February 16th, 2016 by Drew No Comments

Crocket & Jones Oxfords


If you work in a professional white collar environment, then appearing smart and professional are a must. (as well as impressing the boss!)

The Options

So, what type of shoes would suit you best? The are a loads of types of shoe on the market with confusing names, like the Derby,
Oxford, Blucher, single and double monk straps and the Loafer.The Derby & Oxfords are both lace ups, the monk strap is a loafer
with a single buckle and double monk strap is with two. While the Loafers are basically slip-ons.

My Opinion

It is possible to get a nice smart pair of Loafers suitable for the office, but generally I prefer lace ups. I have come across a pair of loafers good
for the office only on rare occasions, so on the whole I find lace ups are better.

In Conclusion

The Derby or Oxford lace up never fail to emulate formality and if they’re looked after properly will look great for years to come.





New Sunshine Blogger – Alan

Posted on: January 24th, 2016 by Drew No Comments

Hi my name is Alan i’ve been working for Sunshine for 8 years, primarily in eMarketing, administration, and yes as a Sunshiner too!
I have suffered from mental illness in the past and used to suffer from extreme myopia, my eyesight used to be -18 but now my eyes have been corrected and are substantially better in part due to working at Sunshine. Now that I’ve been working at Sunshine for 8 years I now have a good employment history, If I should seek a different challenge in life.

I’ve now taken over responsibility for the social media and I’m looking forwards to chatting with all you lovely people. Stay tuned!

Top 6 Tips to find a Good Cobbler

Posted on: September 28th, 2013 by Drew No Comments


I apologise for my lack of blogging these last few weeks, took a bit of a sabbatical.  I hope you’ve been keeping well yourselves and I am back with a bang today. As the title suggests I want to chat a bit about cobblers and how to pick a good one.

There are so many of them around in Cities at least and it can be really tough to work out which one to take your precious Lanvins to. The actual cost of repairing a pair of shoes is minimal, a ladies re-heel for example would cost the cobbler no more than 20p in materials and £1 in labour, everything else is overheads and profit. Even the more expensive jobs like a mens resole still aren’t that costly£5/£6 max I am not being hard on cobblers, they have a business to run and they charge what the market will pay.

My tips below are regardless of what type of job you want done-fairly generic;

1) Does someone you know recommed somewhere?
Seems a bit of a no-brainer this one, but if ever there was a good piece of advice this is it.

2) Does the cobbler do repairs instore?
There are a number of reasons not to go to an agent store. i) They will not be able to give any professional advice ii) It can be tough mediating between the two stores if things starting getting complicated iii) It will take even longer to get them back.

3) Do they have a Singer Machine (or equivalent) in the store?
If, not they will have to take your shoes off-site if you need to get them stitched on some level.

4) Website?
Many, many stores do not have a website, which is amazing in this day and age. If they do it is an obvious plus for all the normal reasons.

5) Do they stock German Soles?
Again not relevant if you don’t need a re-sole, but if so they are the best.

6) Do they appear to have good customer understanding?
Many shoe repairers are ‘unpolished diamonds’ and (especially women) can feel intimidated by heavy handedness or a peceived lack of knowledge.

I hope this helps you in your quest.


4 Bridesmaids, 2 Sunshiners and 1 Happy Day

Posted on: August 30th, 2013 by Drew No Comments


Please forgive me if this blogs not up to much, it’s been a big weekend.  For those of you unacquainted with the romantic lives of the Sunshiners, 2 of our best (don’t tell them I said that!) tied the knot this weekend, Vera and Domingo, they met over a tin of shoe polish and love Cherry Blossomed (sorry) in an instant.

The service was held in the Lake District and reception in Windermere.  A great deal of drinking was done and most will be nursing a hangover.

I am writing this over breakfast overlooking Lake Windermere and contemplating the long journey home.  You maybe wondering about my gift?  I let them have a half day off for their honeymoon!  I’m full of heart!










Summer Lovin’ in the City

Posted on: August 18th, 2013 by Drew No Comments

It’s that time of year when the birds are singing and the bees are getting busy, yet everything for us humans seems to grind to a halt – holiday season.

We are of course carrying on our office shoeshine service visits as normal, a few Sunshiners are going away, but replacements have been found.  We have a select few who do exhibition shoeshine, we just move them across to office shoeshine, (there are no exhibition shoeshine  this time of year)  It’s a bit of a juggling act!

As for me, I am off to Vietnam for 3 weeks, partly for a holiday and also to foster some links with a charity over there (does the work never end?)  Just keeping my fingers crossed that things don’t go crazy over here while I’m away, not much can be done from the jungle.

In my absence I expect you all not to let your standards slip, no flip flops and that includes you DVB Bank!


See you in late August time









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What’s happened to Kiwi?
  Generations of shoe lovers will be well acquainted with Kiwi, the product which was first launched in 1906 quickly established itself as the go-to brand that gave better results.   Kiwi polish has with stood the test of time as a world wide entity, dominating till recently. Due to a complex and recent chain of […]