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City vs Docklands

Posted on: March 16th, 2018 by Drew No Comments

It hit me like a velvet rope. Today whilst walking through the Colonnade Shopping Centre I knew I had to do something.

Gazing at the doughnuts sitting in perspex cases, the silk ties shimmering from boutique windows. I knew I had to write.

My thoughts escaped to the City. 20 minutes away on the tube, but might as well be 20,000 miles. The Grand Old Lady that we know as ‘The City’ had its way with business in the UK for a millennia, whether you were a broking start up or a blue chip asset management company. Bluntly you HAD to be in the City.

‘Things must change for things to remain the same’

Ironically, it is the very idiosyncratic nature of the City, it’s antiquated thoroughfares and eclectic buildings that proved to be it’s downfall. Finding enough floor space for a large bank was borderline impossible and the space that was available was so limited it pushed prices up higher than Canary Wharf tower.

The wife and the mistress

Despite, no in fact, because of her eccentric ways the City will always be my darling.  History, architecture, romance and charisma the City has IT, an indefinable je ne sais quoi  that the Romans fell in love with a 1000 years ago and people still are today.  Canary Wharf is the cosmetically enhanced mistress, ticks all the boxes for a oh – so – modern romance, looks, education and career but it’s, I dunno…. meh

people prefer the City, business prefers the Wharf

Of course I generalise, they’re are people who adore the shining towers of the Wharf, the instant gratification of the cosseted shopping and the practicality, it’s just soooo convenient. However, the ‘people/business’ paradigm is a rule I have noticed since the we first started our affair with the Wharf.

So if, you’re luck enough to find yourself on a lunch break in the City today take some time out to marvel at the sights and sounds – drink it in. You are part of a rich mosiac that has, via commerce, defined the world we live in today. From the Great Fire of London to Mary Poppins they’ve all played their part in our collective imaginations.

and if your on the Wharf gulping down an All Day Breakfast sandwich on a bench in the mall (we’ve all been there) spare a thought for the Grand Old Lady, just a few miles away, her ancient alleyways still remember you.





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