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Top 6 Tips to find a Good Cobbler

Posted on: September 28th, 2013 by Drew No Comments


I apologise for my lack of blogging these last few weeks, took a bit of a sabbatical.  I hope you’ve been keeping well yourselves and I am back with a bang today. As the title suggests I want to chat a bit about cobblers and how to pick a good one.

There are so many of them around in Cities at least and it can be really tough to work out which one to take your precious Lanvins to. The actual cost of repairing a pair of shoes is minimal, a ladies re-heel for example would cost the cobbler no more than 20p in materials and £1 in labour, everything else is overheads and profit. Even the more expensive jobs like a mens resole still aren’t that costly£5/£6 max I am not being hard on cobblers, they have a business to run and they charge what the market will pay.

My tips below are regardless of what type of job you want done-fairly generic;

1) Does someone you know recommed somewhere?
Seems a bit of a no-brainer this one, but if ever there was a good piece of advice this is it.

2) Does the cobbler do repairs instore?
There are a number of reasons not to go to an agent store. i) They will not be able to give any professional advice ii) It can be tough mediating between the two stores if things starting getting complicated iii) It will take even longer to get them back.

3) Do they have a Singer Machine (or equivalent) in the store?
If, not they will have to take your shoes off-site if you need to get them stitched on some level.

4) Website?
Many, many stores do not have a website, which is amazing in this day and age. If they do it is an obvious plus for all the normal reasons.

5) Do they stock German Soles?
Again not relevant if you don’t need a re-sole, but if so they are the best.

6) Do they appear to have good customer understanding?
Many shoe repairers are ‘unpolished diamonds’ and (especially women) can feel intimidated by heavy handedness or a peceived lack of knowledge.

I hope this helps you in your quest.


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