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The Secret World of Prada

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by Drew No Comments



Some of you may not even be aware – there trying to keep it quiet (I wonder why?????) – but Church’s the venerable British shoemaker has been bought out by Prada, thus ending the Church’s family lineage with one of the world’s finest shoemakers, (they have moved/forced out to Cheaney) I am not one of those anti-corporation types and am certainly willing to ’suck it and see’ as far as what will happen from now on in, however it is hasn’t gone unnoticed that the titanic luxury brand is already turning things in a new direction.

A cursory glance into a store the other day illustrated perfectly the new ethos. Diversification. Whilst the shop was predominantly mens shoes, more and more space was being taken up with higher margin items, wallets, umbrellas and diaries.  This is not necessarily a Bad Thing, but can be alarming to lovers of a marque steeped in tradition.


Many of our customers have been fully paid members of the Church’s club for decades and they are worried about slipping standards, a craft becoming an industry. Once upon a time a pair of Church’s showed where you stood in the world, Prada on the other hand in their view are a global hyper brand full of marketing and fashion whimsies who probably couldn’t even spell craftmanship.

Therefore I have created an open letter to the Prada directors in an effort to capture the essence of our concerns and let us all know where and how things are going forward;

Dear Prada Directors,

As I am sure you are all aware the acquiring of Church’s to your bulging brand portfolio has come as a major shock to many loyal customers of Church’s. We are nervous about the direction in which you all intend to take the company and demand answers to the following;

1. How far do you intend to stretch the brand? Are you going to be creating a Church’s fragrance next?

2. Are you planning to outsource the work to China or Italy?

3. Can you reassure us that the traditional craft and customer understanding will not be lost?

4. Are you going to resist horrible new designs (Shanghai anyone?) for the sake of a quick Euro and abandon our favourites?

We do not want to see the end of the marque and would very much like the business to progress, however if it is at the expense of any of the above we will have absolutely no hesitation in taking our business elsewhere.

Yours worriedly

Chuch’s Shoe Owners

Let’s see, if we get a response.










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