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I’ve never been one to break a promise, so this entry I’m answering questions, thrown at me by you.  The following is the pick of the  most intelligent, inappropriate and incisive.


We miss you not coming arond to the office.  Do you miss shoeshining? –  Caroline Watchman, Reuters

I don’t miss the boring commute or endless security checks.  However, I do miss the day to day simplicity and of course – you!


What shoes do you wear? – Luke Parkerson, Capco

Edward Green, Newbury

John Lobb, bespoke


Help! I need to buy some shoeshining stuff what shall I do? – Gary Peacher, Societe Generale

Wait for your office shoeshine to visit! If you rthat impatient try here


What football team do you support? – Stacey Crisp,  ACM Shipping

Ipswich Town


Why can’t we change our visiting time? – Stephen Brooks, Charles Taylor

Once we slot everyone into a timetable, we can’t change the time as it means changing everyone elses time too.


Can you recommend a good shoe repairer? – Louise Folley, Boston Consulting

For you it’s fine, but if your not lucky enough to have an office shoeshine service then it’s best going local (outside city centre) as rents are high and this will be reflected in the price.  So ask locally.


Do you follow the NFL? – Marek Stawowcyck, Raiders fan 

Foul.  Illegal use of the word ‘Raiders’ 5 yard penalty, repeat 1st down

I follow the Pats


I snapped a lace at work and had to and an emergency pair.  They cost me £5 and they keep coming undone.  Am I that incompetent? –
Marn Davies, EFG

Let me guess greased laces from a mojor shoe repairer? Lesson 1  Don’t get greased laces  Lesson 2 Don’t go to a major shoe repairer.


That wraps up this Q&A, I will have another later in the year, so stay tuned.










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Well, working for Sunshine Shoeshine is not an easy job like I anticipated.



“We even time our client facing meetings with their visit”


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