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The Sordid Confessions of a Shoe Cleaner

Posted on: March 18th, 2013 by Drew No Comments

As with most love affairs I had my first at 17, I still remember like it was yesterday.  We first met in Dickins and Joines, they we’re sitting at the back looking casual.  The attraction was instant and mutual.  I whisked them home that day and polished them straight away, I can still seee that brown patna now.

I’m remembering my first shoe love of course!  Obviously, I wore shoes before, but not like these, these we’re mine, I chose them, I tied them up and I paid for them.

People are fond of clothes and like hats, but they love shoes.  You may not be able to squeeze into the latest Oscar de la Renta dress or afford a Savile Row suit, but you can access some of that glamour with shoes.

Back in 1991, the cleaning of those beloved brown shoes was an affirmation of my enduring love, however like many teenage romances, it was not to be, a girlfriend threw them away ‘by accident’ (in a fit of jealous rage?) to this day, I’ve never forgiven her.  So the next time your office shoeshiner passes by and polishes your shoes, spare a thought for my old love, alone on a rubbish tip with nothing but memories.






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