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5 Tricks of Successful Exhibitioners

Posted on: March 8th, 2013 by Drew No Comments


It’s 4am the night before your next show.  Lying in bed, your tossing and turning, do you have enough chairs?  is the internet connection sorted?  are those leaflets going to arrive on time?  Sound familiar?  Over the past 16 years we have regularly partnered many of the most successful exhibitors, from EDF to Experion and during this time an an insider I’ve witnessed first hand several tricks they all use at the business end to ensure a fanstastic stress free show and maximise leads.

1.  Make sure everyone is on message.  If your going to have a give away for the event on your stand, make sure everyone knows how your using it – and why.

2.  If a contractor is part of your event, e.g exhibition shoeshine give them details of your goals and ensure they have an understanding of what you do.

3. Don’t leave a contractor on the stand on their own.

4. Don’t pack up early.

5. Decide whether freebies are open to everyone or just potential leads and stick to  it.

Make use of these and enjoy your best show ever! Good luck.







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