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The Rise and Rise of Formality in the Office

Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by Drew No Comments


Remember the 90’s?  I do, the Stone Roses, Chris Evans, Tony Blair and the Teletubbies the list goes on.  As these memories fade away into the sad mists of time there’s another peculiar 90’s phenomenon that I’d like to remind you of – Dress Down. 

True enough the remanants of this sad policy still grimly hold on, but now it’s been shoved at the end of the week like an embarrassing, flatulent auntie at a wedding, with more and more people inclined not to bother.  Cast your mind back for a moment to the end of the 20th century, everyone was doing it,  Lehmans (remember them?!) actually went total Dress Down – yes – every day of every week, until people started turning up in Bermuda Shorts.  With such little sense of style and professionalism it is little wonder then that they went under.  Now, I’m not directly attributing the credit crunch to this but….well, yes, I am; )  We arrogantly thought we could do what we wanted, with no thought. 

In those days  Sunshine was just a fledgling London shoeshine company with big ideas, I remember thinking to myself, ‘if this carries on we’ll be bankrupt in 6 months’ and it wasn’t just office shoeshine that suffered, employees particularly male, found themselves not really knowing what to wear, it’s was so bloody fuzzy with no particular guidelines.  Companies found themselves with serious profile/professionalism problems, slack clothes, slack attitudes, slack profile. 

Today over 10 years hence we have happily moved on.  It was like those pesky Tellytubbies, we played with them saw they we’re rubbish and threw them away, suckers for the zeitgeist.  Even now, Friday is my least favourite day, I don’t care if it does herald the weekend.  The next person I see wearing a pair a cargo trousers with a lumberjack shirt, I’ll bury them with the Teletubbies lunch boxes!!


Skyfall Inspiration

Posted on: February 11th, 2013 by Drew No Comments

 Having just watched Skyfall for the fourth time there are a few messages I think we can all take away with us –

1.It’s an excellent movie.

2. What has happened to the old Roger Moore humour we love?

3. Do not under any circumstances invite Javier Bardem to tea.

4. It should win an Oscar or two.  Although Best Picture might be a bit hopeful, Best editing more likely.

5. There we’re 2 frames that showed Daniel Craig shoes, there are 3 things of note here;

a) He is wearing a Crockett and Jones Highbury, (size 10?)  anyone who is a reader of my Blog can tell you I do rate C&J highly.

b) They are IMMACULATE.    It’s hard enough keeping them clean at an exhibition, never mind when you are careering through the Turkish countryside on the roof of a train. (unless you have our fabulous exhibition shoeshine of course: ) So respect to you Danny!

c) Most pertinently, haven’t I got better things to do than noting his shoe type, size and cleanliness?  Well….no not really.

So, if you are yet to see it, be sure not to leap up in the auditorium and scream Drew was right they are spotless!’ or Drew said it was the Turkish countryside when it is clearly the Greek/Montenegro border!’  shoes I’m good at geographical location…. not so.

Finally, if your thinking of getting some C&J Highburys better get there pronto, I think they maybe selling out fast!










How to Get Your Charity Registered With Sunshine….

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by Drew No Comments

Sunshine are always looking for new charities to work with and donate to, we are about to start working closely with a Filipino charity that sends clothes and supplies to the Philippines to aid building infrastructure.  More on this to follow.

Contact with this charity came through 2 of our new Sunshiners Rowel and Amando, both volunteer part time for them.   

Most of our London shoeshine clients choose the charity they wish to donate to, however, some look to us for suggestions, so if you would like to put the name forward of a needy cause, please send it to  they would need to be a registered charity or be able to show details of their accounts.

So, get to it now, we’d love to hear from you.









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