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Shoes: All Time top 5

Posted on: January 10th, 2013 by Drew No Comments

Alright, I’ll confess!  I’m a shoe addict,  (is it okay to be a man and be a shoe addict?)  Now, I know it’s probably not a massive surprise given the nature of what I do, but to others outside of my job it can create some surprised responses. 

We all like a good list, never fails to create a bit of a stir.  So here I have put together the all time greatest mens shoes;

5.  J M Weston – Slightly overpriced.  Nice looking shoes. French despite the english name.

4. R M Williams – Australian boot.  Look good both casually and formally.  The wholecut is the one to go for.

3. Crockett and Jones – The full brogue is beautiful.  Picking up a lot of trade since the demise of Church’s label.

2.  Edward Green – It was a toss up for number one,  just missing out.  Spectacular handmade shoes, by a genuine family business. Expect to part with £600 for the off the peg.

1. John Lobb – This is the bespoke, (not to be confused with the off the peg Lobb which is totally different and owned by Hermes brand).  A pair will set you back £2500, but you’ll be in good company, as everyone from Elizabeth II, Frank Sinatra and Imelda Marcos has a pair.

Make sure if you have a pair of these you find a good London shoeshiner! The women’s top 5 coming soon!






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