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*Insert snow pun here*

Posted on: January 21st, 2013 by Drew No Comments

The heading was going to be ‘This weather is Snow Joke for your Shoes’ but it was just so lame couldn’t get myself to put it. So I have spared my dignity and left it empty.

Unable to open the door without an mass of snow coming in?  Freezing cold in the office? Siberian wind biting into you as you wait for the bus? Slipping on the ice?  If some/all of these are relevant to you, spare a thought for your shoes, not only are they stuck on the end of your legs all day, this weather is just TERRIBLE for them.  I could put a 1000 words on how to help them,  but I’ll try to give you dear reader just a couple of clear points:

1.  Rotate your shoes

2. Wipe them down at night

3. Scotchguard on the upper.

4.  Buy some skis and save your shoes!

Our brave Sunshiners are trudging there way through the snow so you can have your office shoeshine.  However, the weather being so bad there are inevitably hold ups, please bare with us we’ll be there as soon as we can!









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