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Thinking of rolling out an office shoeshine service in your company?

Posted on: December 5th, 2012 by Drew No Comments

There are a number of considerations to take into account when getting a London shoeshine service, so you can work out the practicalities;

1.  Are you going to give the shoeshiner direct access to employee’s desks? 

This maximises usage, but some companies just don’t like operating this way.

2.  Do you have a space suitable?

6ft x 4ft is all that’s needed, somewhere close to the action!

3.  Choose a day?

Many request a Monday, however this means that they get booked very quickly and you will miss a visit, every bank holiday.

4.  Do you have a dress down?

They are not as popular as they once where. Some companies will choose dress down days as they can get there casual shoes done and bring the formal one’s in, in a bag.

5.  Is there demand?

Sometimes an email is sent around asking for demand, however they are not always seen or responded.  GET A FREE OFFICE SHOESHINE TRIAL there’s no commitment to it and you’ll know straight away.

I would say that though….




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